Seasonal Employment

The purpose of this page is to provide seasonal employees of the Recreation Department with the paperwork and information they need in order to successfully meet the requirements of initial, rehire and continued employment.

Accepting Applications for These Open Positions

Click to view the job description and apply for the following positions.  Please call 766-6335 with questions on any position.

New Applicants/Hires

If you have never worked for the City of Kaukauna before or you did not work within the past year, then you would be classified as a “New Applicant”.  If you worked for the City last year and you are seeking to be rehired for this season or you are a current employee, please skip this section, and go to the Returning Employees/Rehires section below.


The first step toward employment with the Recreation Department is to complete and submit an application. Applications must be filled out online completely and accurately.  Please click on the link above for the position(s) you are interested in applying for.

Online Onboarding and Pre-Employment Paperwork

New Applicants should first submit an application online. Once an offer of employment has been made by the Recreation Director, then the New Applicant will be sent an email with a link to the online onboarding “paperwork” must be completed.  Most of this is also done online.  Below is a list of documents that are included in the online onboarding process. These links are provided for you if you would like to refer to the instructions or view the actual documents that are completed during the online onboarding process.  You should NOT print and submit these documents separately!!!

Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form)
Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form) Instructions
Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (Federal W-4 Form)
Employee’s Wisconsin Withholding Exemption Certificate (State W-204 Form)
Direct Deposit Form
Equal Employment Opportunity Information (EOC Form)
Drug Screening Information Sheet
Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
Pelion Enrollment Form (FICA Alternative Plan Enrollment, Election & Beneficiary Form)

Work Permit Request – Staff under the age of 16 must request this form from the Recreation Director at [email protected].  It is personalized for the New Hire’s position.  A completed form, signed by a parent, age verification documentation and the fee are taken to a Work Permit Office (typically, your high school office) to obtain the permit.

New Pool Staff Only

If you have been hired to join the staff at the Kaukauna Municipal Pool, then you have a risk of exposure to blood and with it a risk of exposure to the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV).  The Hepatitis B Vaccination Information Sheet describes three options available to you.  Please read this information sheet and choose which option fits you best and take the appropriate action.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Information Sheet
Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Form (DO NOT submit this form unless you HAVE NOT had the Hepatitis B Vaccination AND you are DECLINING the vaccination.)

Returning Employees/Rehires

If you worked for the City within the past 12 months and you are eligible for rehire, the following information pertains to you.  Any employee that does not work for a 90 day period is required to reapply and complete the online onboarding process in Ascentis.  To begin the process, please choose click the link(s) above for the positions(s) you would like to apply.  Once application is completed, applicants that are offered positions will be sent an email with instructions and another with a link to the onboarding paperwork.  All paperwork must be submitted before your start date!

Current Employees

As part of payroll, new employees will need to create a login for the Ascentis Self-Service Portal and Download & set-up the NOVAmobile App on their smartphones.  Returning Employees/Rehires simply login to their existing accounts (please allow a couple of days after you have completed the onboarding paperwork for Payroll to “Activitate” you before attempting to login to self-service portal or the NovaMobile App).  The Self-Service Portal is where employees can view and submit their current and previous timesheets.  The portal is also where employees can access their W-2 forms once they are posted.  The NOVAmobile App allows an employee to punch in/out directly from their job location on their smartphone.  Instructions for establishing both are available below.

In order for things to work correctly, you must do them in the following order:

  1. Complete application, get hired and complete all employment paperwork. Note:  You cannot work or be activated in the payroll system (Ascentis) until this step is completed in its entirety.
  2. Wait patiently to be activated in the Ascentis payroll system (Usually a couple of days, but could be up to a week!)
  3. Set-up your Ascentis Self-Service Portal (website). See Instructions below!
  4. Set-up your NovaMobile App (Smart phone app) (Need info from the Portal set-up process to do this).   See Instructions below!
  5. Punch-in or punch-out using the punch clock or the self-service portal or the NovaMobile App, or if you are an umpire or scorekeeper, submit your game using the instructions below.
  6. Follow instructions for submitting your timesheet either on the Self-Service Portal or by NovaMobile App.  This should be done on the Thursday following the end of the pay period.    See Instructions below!

Ascentis Self-Service Portal Set Up Instructions
Ascentis Self-Service Portal Login Page

NovaMobile App Set-Up Instructions
NOVAmobile App Download Locations

For Apple Devices:

For Android Devices:  Google Play:
Windows Store:

Instructions for submitting Games Worked (Umpires and Scorekeepers)

Submitting Timesheets with the Ascentis Self-Service Portal Instructions
Submitting Timesheets with the NOVAmobile App Instructions

2021 Pay Periods/Payroll Dates