Large/Irregular/Branch Pick-up

September 12, 2022 – September 15, 2022 all-day
Street Department

Pick-up on your garbage collection day only.

Large/Irregular Pick-Up

Second full week of each month (Sunday – Saturday). Overflow of garbage, furniture, mattress etc. may be placed out for pickup. All major appliances will need a sticker before placing out for collection. You may purchase a sticker from the Street and Park Department at 207 Reaume Avenue, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.. Refrigerants (freezer, refrigerator, air conditioner or dehumidifier) are $15.00. Non-Refrigerants (stove, microwave, oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher, furnace or water heater) are $10.00. You may also place out any other metal items at this time for no charge.

Branch Pick-Up

Brush Collection Ordinance 11.11(4)(c)

  1. Brush must be a minimum of two (2) feet and a maximum of six (6) feet in length. Brush two (2) feet to four (4) feet in length must be bundled and secured with twine or string. Bundles and/or branches shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Bundles shall not be greater than 15 inches in diameter. Side branches on larger limbs shall be removed.
  2. All brush to be collected must be placed at the curb or alley line, but no more than 24 hours prior to the time of collection. Maximum height of such brush piles shall be four (4) feet from ground level. Brush is not to be placed in any container.
  3. All brush must be loosely and neatly placed for collection. The butt ends of all branches shall face the roadway.
  4. Roots shall be removed from brush.
  5. Brush shall only be placed for collection by the owner or occupant who performed the brush trimming/removal and not by any contractor performing such work. Any such contractor shall be responsible for removal of any brush created by his/her work.
  6. In addition to any other penalty, any brush placed for collection which is in violation of this ordinance shall not be collected until such violation has been corrected.