Current Projects

Click on the links below to view plans and specifications for current public works projects.  Questions on the projects can be directed to the Engineering Department at 920.766.6305.

Island Street Bridge Over Tail Race RFP

Project 1-20 Concrete Street Paving

Alley Reconstruction Project

Water Main Reconstruction

STH 96 Reconstruction Project

2020 Street Patch Location Map

Nelson Overlook Project

“CE” Trail Expansion

Current Project Bid Tabs

2021 Project 1-21 – Concrete Street Paving 

2021 Project 2-21 –  9th Street Area Utility Relay

2021 Project 3-21 – Alley Paving Project

2021 Project 4-21 Asphalt Street Paving Project

2021 Project 6-21 – CTH Z Curb Replacement and Sidewalk Installation

2021 Project 9-21 – Fox River Boardwalk Trail and Parking Lot

2021 Project 10-21 – Inside the Park Place Utility Installation and Grading

2021 Project 11-21, Municipal Wayfinding Signage – Bid Tabulation

Past Project Bid Tabs

2020 Project 1-20 Concrete Street Paving Project

2020 Project 3-20 Alley Paving Project

2020 Project 4-20 Watermain Reconstruction – 10th Street

2020 Project 7 20, Bel Air Court Outfall

2020 Project 9-20, Ann Street Detention Pond Expansions

Capital Improvements Plan

Click here  to view the 2020-2024 Capital Improvement Plan. Questions on the plan can be directed to Director of Public Works John Sundelius at 920-766-6305.