Online Payment for Permit Fees

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Building Permit Fees

The following changes to the building permit fee schedule will take effect on March 1, 2015.

Permit Type New Fee Calculation
Building Square Feet x 0.15 + $33 (State Seal)
Electrical Square Feet x 0.05 + $25 (Base)
Plumbing Square Feet x 0.05 + $25 (Base)
HVAC Square Feet x 0.04 + $25 (Base)
Permit Type New Fee
Fences and Siding $30.00
Laterals $35.00
Sheds and Pools $40.00
Building Razing $40.00
Fireplaces $40.00
Electrical Service Change $40.00

Questions on the new fee schedules can be directed to Building Inspector Jon Oldenburg at 920-766-6325.