CONTRACTORS: How To Take Out a Building Permit

COVID-19 Update

As of May 3, 2021 – our building has reopened to the public.

ALL projects (residential and commercial) that are completed by contractors require a building permit and inspection. Work completed without proper permitting and inspection can incur penalty fees and may cause future issues for property resale.

Homeowners are allowed to take out building permits for many smaller scale home projects. Projects that require that a contractor pull the permit include:

Don’t see your project listed above? Check the full list of permit applications here.

Much of the permit process can be completed online.

1. Permit Application. Download and complete the appropriate permit or stop in person to pick up a permit if you do not have access to a printer. Find the permit applications noted above linked on this page.

2. Site Plan. Some permits require site plans or a formal plan review process. Plans must include setbacks (the distance away from) from property lines. All new construction and remodel permits require a full size plan set. Please drop off during business hours or mail this plan sets to our offices: City of Kaukauna, P.O. Box 890, Kaukauna, WI 54130.

3. Permit Submission. Submit your permit and site plan (if required) to the City of Kaukauna by email, by mail or in-person. You can email your permit or mail it to us at City of Kaukauna, P.O. Box 890, Kaukauna, WI 54130. You can drop off permits and site plans during business hours.

4. Permit Payment. Permits will not be issued until payment has been received. Contractors can make permit payments online by creating a MyGov account. Payments are also accepted in-person, by cash, or by check – either by mail or by dropping off payments to our 24-hour drop box outside of the Municipal Services Building, 144 W. 2nd Street, Kaukauna.

Learn how to make permit payments and request inspections on MyGov by watching the short video below:

Contractors are able to submit payments for building permits online by creating an account with MyGov, the software program that the City of Kaukauna Inspection Department utilizes. Payments are also accepted by checks or money orders made payable to City of Kaukauna (by mail or drop box), or by credit card by phone (920) 766-6315. Permit fees for decks, fences, pools, razing, roofing, siding and sheds are flat fees. Permit fees are listed on the permit application. Permits for projects that involve plan review remodeling and detached garages depend on square footage and project value and some may incur an additional plan review fee.

5. Creating an Online Account with MyGov. Learn how to create a MyGov Account by watching the short video below:

By creating an online account with MyGov, contractors can submit payments, check on the status of permits and can request inspections. In order to create an online account, you need a 16-digit activation code to be issued to you from the Building Inspection Department. Request your activation code here:

MyGov Account Number

5. Permit Review. Once we receive your permit, site plan (if required) and payment, staff will review your permit application. We will verify that your project meets our zoning code requirements and follow up with you if your project has any issues (such as not meeting a setback requirement or if your property has a conflicting easement).

6. Permit Issuance. Once staff reviews your permit and confirms that there are no issues, a building permit will be issued. We can either mail the building permit to the listed address of the property owner on the permit application or email it to you to print on your own. Building permits should be posted in a visible location while the project work is happening (such as in a window on the front of the building).

7. Request Final Inspection. A member of our building inspection team will inspect your project to ensure that it was built as described. You can request a final inspection via your MyGov online account. It is the contractor’s responsibility to request necessary inspections! Failure to request a inspections may result in open permits associated with a project, which can slow the process of real estate closings for future resale.