How can I find assessment information on a specific property?

A computer terminal is available at the Assessment office front desk for inquiries. Bowmar Appraisal representatives are available during specific office hours and Finance Department personnel are available from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM to assist.

How many tax parcels are in the City of Kaukauna?

For tax year 2009 there were 5,685 residential, 438 commercial, 79 manufacturing and 13 agricultural parcels for a total of 6,215 parcels.

I would like additional information regarding the annual Board of Review meetings

The Board of Review’s initial meeting is scheduled within 30 days following the 2nd Monday of May. If the assessment roll has not been completed by the initial meeting, the Board of Review will adjourn and reconvene at a later date. Assessment change notices will be mailed at least 15 days prior to when the Board of Review convenes to consider appeals of assessed values. More detailed information is available by clicking; “Forms/Documents” and “Board of Review meeting notice to taxpayers”

What if I’d like my property assessment value reviewed?

The City’s contracted Assessor places the assessment value on the property. If, after talking with the Assessor, you do not agree with the assessed value, your next step is to complete an “Objection Form.” This form must be filed before you appear at the Board of Review meeting. The meeting is usually scheduled during the month of May (call the City Assessor or the Clerk/Treasurer for additional information).

Assessment – What is the City’s assessment ratio?

The City’s assessment ratio for 2015 is 102.57%. A revaluation of all property parcels in the city was completed in 2009.

Assessment – What is the City’s tax rate?

The City’s 2015 assessed tax rate (the rate which is multiplied by the assessed value to determine taxes owed) is $22.22320. The City's equalized tax rate (the rate which should be used for comparison with other communities) is $23.57597.