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City of Kaukauna

Leaf Pick-Up – Fall 2022

Leaf pick-up will run through November 10th on your normal garbage pick-up day. Rake leaves ONLY onto the terrace at the edge of pavement. Grass and garden debris will not be picked up.

Please rake leaves in LOW PILES so children cannot be hidden from motorists’ view and close to the curb so as not to interfere with traffic. Leaf equipment can only reach 6′ so this is important to keep crews moving through the routes. Do not put leaves in gutter, as they will plug the sewers. Give collection crew equipment room to work. Don’t park close to leaf piles as city equipment is long and can’t get the collection hose to piles if cars are in the way. Piles with cars in the way will not be collected. Try to keep piles away from trees and mailboxes to minimize the opportunity for property damage.