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City of Kaukauna

Outdoor Activities in Kaukauna During Safer At Home Order

City of Kaukauna Parks and Trails are OPEN, but playgrounds and high touch amenities are closed. Many of Kaukauna’s outdoor spaces and their use comply with the Safer At Home Order released on 3/24/2020. With sunny weather forecasted for coming days, this article suggests ways for residents to enjoy fresh air and outdoor spaces while still keeping health and public safety in mind. 

Provisions of the Safer At Home Order are cited in parenthesis below and you can read the full text of the order here. (

You are still allowed to go outside under the order

The order states that Outdoor Activity is deemed an Essential Activity and therefore is an exception to the Safer At Home order to stay home (Safer At Home Order, s.11(c)). Remember that gatherings of any size that are not part of a single household are prohibited (Safer At Home Order, s.3). That means that these activities are acceptable for individuals and households, not for extended family, neighbors or groups of friends that do not live together.

What outdoor activities are not allowed? 

Activities that are outdoor that involve high touch surfaces and physical proximity that is less than 6’ (such as contact sports) are prohibited. This includes playground equipment and other specific amenities listed in the next question.

Which City parks and public spaces are closed?

The following facilities / activities are closed / prohibited at this time due to their high touch nature and need for physical proximity:

  • Contact sports and use of these facilities for contact sports (basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, football, etc.) (does not allow for physical distancing)
  • Playground equipment including swingsets in City parks (high touch surfaces)
  • Rock climbing wall (high touch surfaces)
  • Park pavillions / shelters (does not allow for physical distancing)
  • Skate Park (high touch surfaces)
  • Kaukauna Public Library Interactive Learning Garden (high touch surfaces)
  • 1000 Islands Environmental Center (indoor area and pavillion only – high touch surfaces and does not allow for physical distancing).

What outdoor activities are allowed?

Activities and amenities that are not high touch and that allow for use while practicing physical distancing (leave more than 6’ between yourself and others) are allowed and encouraged. 

You are encouraged to engage in the following types of activities:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Dog-Walking
  • Fishing
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Viewing public art and historic landmarks

See below a list of Kaukauna Parks and Open Spaces where the above activities can be enjoyed. You can find a listing of all City of Kaukauna parks with addresses here. You can also find a map of all of Kaukauna’s historic landmarks and markers here. 

Walking / Hiking / Running 

  • Trail system at 1000 Islands Environmental Center (wooded / boardwalk trails, conditions may be muddy)
  • Horseshoe Park (gravel trail connection to Konkapot Trail)
  • Konkapot Trail (gravel trail)
  • CE Trail (Outagamie County Park in City of Kaukauna – paved trail)
  • Fox River Heritage Trail (paved trail connecting Friends and Family Sculpture on Wisconsin Avenue to other side of Lawe Street bridge)
  • Hydro Park (paved trail connecting educational kiosks)
  • Kelso Park and Pond (grass trail around pond, conditions may be muddy)
  • Van Eperen Park and Pond (grass trail around pond, conditions may be muddy)
  • Nature View Park (grass trail, conditions may be muddy)
  • Rapid Croche Park (wooded trail, conditions may be muddy)
  • Thilwerth Park (paved trail connecting educational kiosks)
  • Upper Grignon Park (wooded trail connecting Disc Golf course)
  • Doty Bayorgeon Park (paved track)


  • Horseshoe Park (Gravel)
  • Konkapot Trail (Gravel)
  • CE Trail (Paved)
  • Fox River Heritage Trail (Paved) – Please note that portions of this trail are quite steep! We suggest walking your bike down the switchbacks below the Friends and Family Sculpture.

Dog Walking

The following parks and open spaces are open for you and your canine family members. Please remember to pick up your dog’s waste.

  • Kaukauna Dog Park (off-leash permitted)
  • Konkapot Trail (leashed)
  • Fox River Heritage Trail (leashed)


Please follow seasonal restrictions. Need your Wisconsin fishing license? You can purchase it online from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources here: (

  • Riverside Park
  • Central Park
  • Thilwerth Park
  • Rapid Croche Park
  • Quarry Point Park

Public Art Installations

  • Gathering of the Pike Plaza
  • Eagle Plaza
  • Friends and Family Sculpture

Historic / Educational Markers in City Parks

  • Veteran’s Memorial Park / Ring of Honor
  • Thilwerth Park
  • Thelen Park
  • Grignon Park / Grignon Mansion grounds
  • 1000 Islands Environmental Center
  • Hydro Park