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City of Kaukauna

KRD COVID-19 Statement

A message from the Kaukauna Recreation Department Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

City of Kaukauna Mayor, Tony Penterman, has just released a statement regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the City’s current response to the pandemic.  The release includes several global, national, state and local resources individuals can turn to for more detailed information and recommendations on what you can do to keep yourself healthy and help stop the spread of the disease.

A website has been created to list actions that are being taken by various City Departments.  You can visit that website at:

As one such Department, the Kaukauna Recreation Department (KRD) provides a number of programs and services to the community.  KRD programs and services vary in their nature, schedule, size, scope and target a variety participant demographics.  Therefore, the actions taken for each program may also vary in their scope and timing.  With that said the following actions are going to be taken effective immediately:

  1. We are cancelling the XYZ Group Event scheduled for March 18.  We will re-evaluate the April 15 scheduled event as we get closer to that date.
  2. We ae suspending all Strong Bodies exercise classes through April 9.  We will re-evaluate the program schedule at that time.
  3.  We are suspending the Loan Closet program through April 10.  We will re-evaluate the program at that time.
  4. We are suspending Community Room and 3rd Street Conference Room Rentals for all Non-City Departments through April 19.  We will continue to take reservations for dates beyond that point.  We will be informing all renters reserving a date within the next three months of the possibility of cancellation of those reservations.
  5. We are suspending community group use of the Streets, Parks and Recreation (SPaR) Building and Municipal Service Building (ie. County Nutrition Program, Golden Agers, Hobby & Craft Club) through April 10.  We will re-evaluate these community uses at this time.
  6. We are suspending the sale of pool passes through April 10.

All other services and programs will continue as scheduled at this time.  Evaluation of our programs and services is ongoing.

We are encouraging everyone to take advantage of our online registration system and use email, postal mail & telephone for communication rather than visiting the office in person for the next month.

We will continue to monitor the environment relative to the disease and the recommendations of the health community as well as what actions other organizations are taking in response.

For more information on KRD programs and services, please contact us at 766-6335 or [email protected].

Other Resources:

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has multiple resources on their website dedicated to COVID-19. Some additional resources to help your organization include: