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City of Kaukauna

Grignon Mansion Board Meeting Agenda – February 24, 2020

Posted on Feb 17, 2020 by

Monday, February 24, 2020
5:15 P.M.
*Please note change of time from 5:00 P.M. Kaukauna Municipal Services Building Hydro View Meeting
Room, 1st Floor

Discussion Agenda

• Roll call – (Brunette)
• Welcome Others in Attendance
• Review/Approve Minutes from January 27, 2019 Meeting
• Election of Officers
o Current nominations on the floor:
▪ Board Chair, Pennie Thiele, nominated
▪ Board Vice Chair, Bruce Werschem, nominated
▪ Board Secretary, Shellee Ziegler, nominated
• Report from the City (Watson/Jakel)
o Executive Director position posting update
o Need for events calendar for 2020 events season at Grignon Mansion
• Report from Friends (DeGoey)
o Friends Finance Report
o Other Issues
• Report from the Chair (Brogan)
• Other Business
• Adjournment

Next Board Meeting: Will be interview for executive director, will be scheduled around interviewees’ availability. Meeting will be longer than usual as 2-3 candidates are interviewed. We
anticipate this be in late March/early April.