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City of Kaukauna

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes – July 18, 2019

Posted on Aug 2, 2019 by


A meeting of the City of Kaukauna Plan Commission was called to order at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, 2019, by Chairman Penterman.

Members Present: Coenen, Feldt, Moore, Penterman, Sundelius, Thiele.

Also Present: Planning Director Jakel, Principal Planner Brunette, City Attorney Davidson, Planning/Engineering Technician Holmes.

Absent and Excused: Oldenburg, Schoenike.

  • Excuse the Absent. A motion to excuse the absent Commission member was made by Moore, seconded by Coenen. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  • Minutes. A motion to approve the minutes of the June 20, 2019, meeting was made by Moore, seconded by Coenen. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  • Petition to Rezone Property Addressed as 2401 Hyland Avenue (Dawes Rigging and Crane Rental). Mr. Jakel explained that Dawes Rigging and Crane Rental was annexed into the City of Kaukauna as a part of the industrial park network, but is not subject to the restrictive covenants of the industrial park network. Their existing use for their building is a legal non-confirming use, per our zoning code. The proposed use of the new storage yard, due to the zoning in place now, is more restrictive under Industrial Park District (IPD) zoning then the non-conforming use on their original footprint. In other scenarios within the industrial park network, the less restrictive zoning classification, Industrial (IND), is used within protective covenants. Industrial zoning would be more compatible to the existing use that Dawes has on their existing footprint. This downzoning would not have an adverse impact on surrounding property and would serve to allow smaller setbacks for the newly proposed storage yard to the west of the current Dawes footprint. Mr. Jakel explained that the Industrial Park Commission will have the opportunity to review this proposal in an advisory capacity, but as Dawes is not subject to the restrictive covenants, their actions are not binding. Staff recommends a downzoning from IPD to IND in this scenario. Commissioner Moore asked if there are other properties in the industrial park network that might have similar circumstances. Mr. Jakel replied that what is now Bassett Mechanical is the only other entity that pre-dated the formation of the industrial park network and its respective restrictive covenants. Commissioner Feldt asked for clarification on where this expansion was taking place, and Mr. Jakel explained that the expansion is to the west of the existing Dawes facility – bounded by Hyland Avenue to the South, Badger Road to the West and E. Line Road to the North. Commissioner Moore asked if the proposed stormwater pond that Dawes would have on their new storage yard would be a detention pond or a retention pond. Commissioner Sundelius explained that he does not like the verbiage of a retention pond versus a detention pond, but would prefer that stormwater ponds be referred to as wet or dry ponds, and that this particular pond is being proposed as a wet pond. Commissioner Sundelius asked if the rest of the industrial park district has the IPD zoning classification and Mr. Jakel replied that yes. Commissioner Sundelius noted that TEAM Industries was able to expand their storage yard without setback consideration and Mr. Jakel explained that TEAM Industries was subject to the restrictive covenants and in the end, Industrial Park Commission authorized their expansion. Mr. Jakel further explained that the setbacks for buildings are still 50′ in both zoning classifications, but that because this is a storage yard, and because Dawes is not subject to the restrictive covenants, they do not have the same opportunity for special Industrial Park Commission discretion that TEAM Industries had.A motion to forward the petition for rezoning to the Council was made by Coenen, seconded by Moore. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
    Review and Recommendation of Final Plat for Blue Stem Meadows. Mr. Jakel explained that the final plat submitted for Blue Stem Meadows only shows phase 1 at this time, which includes annexed property from the Town of Buchanan and White Wolf Lane extension. All lots as presented are complaint with municipal zoning and there are only two corner lots, which are often avoided in design. One large lot has been annexed into the City of Kaukauna. This large lot currently has a residence on it, which the owner will be tearing down, reconstructing and then subdividing the large lot into smaller residential lots. Mr. Jakel explained that Lot 2 will be maintained as a wetland and it is proposed that the City of Kaukauna purchase this land. A 60′ temporary vehicle turnaround is proposed on property in the Town of Buchanan owned by the Kobussen Farm and Mr. Dercks is working to obtain an easement for this turnaround. If he is not able to obtain the easement, the turnaround would instead be sited on Lot 21. Assuming Council final approval in August, work is anticipated to begin before the end of this summer. Commissioner Moore asked if the temporary turnaround meets City requirements for fire access. Commissioner Sundelius replied that yes, for a temporary turnaround, this met City requirements. The permanent turnaround plan is based on the anticipated future extension of White Wolf Lane to connect to a larger street loop system. Commissioner Sundelius pointed out that the sanitary and stormwater easement (30′ wide) shown behind Lots #1-11 should be reflected as 40′. Mr. Jakel agreed and noted that this would not impact the housing configuration. A motion to recommend to the Council approval of the final plat for Blue Stem Meadows with a revised 40′ sanitary and stormwater easement behind Lots #1-11 was made by Sundelius, seconded by Moore. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

There being no further business to be brought before the Commission, a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:20 p.m. was made by Sundelius, seconded by Coenen. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

Allyson Watson-Brunette
Principal Planner