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Industrial Park Commission Meeting Minutes – May 30, 2019

Posted on Jun 21, 2019 by


A meeting of the Industrial Park Commission was called to order at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 30, 2019, by Chairman Feldt.

Members Present: Acord, Feldt, Grissman, Knaus, Knutson, Nytes, Reith, Schilling.

Also Present: Mayor Penterman, Planning Director Jakel, Director of Public Works Sundelius, Principal Planner Watson.

Absent and Excused: Jerome.

  1. New Commissioner Introduction. Chairman Feldt introduced new Commission member Nick Reith, who is replacing Mike Schmidt who moved out of the area.
  2. Excuse the Absent. A motion to excuse the absent Commission member was made by Schilling, seconded by Grissman. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  3. Minutes. A motion to approve the minutes of the March 6, 2019, meeting was made by Acord, seconded by Knaus. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  4. Site Plan Review – Team Industries. Mr. Jakel explained that Team Industries recently added additional properties to their facility including two outbuildings and would like to expand parking in that area. Mr. Jakel explained that outdoor storage has additional restrictions per the protective covenants including a 70′ setback from the street line. Mr. Jakel suggested matching the setback requirements off the street line and increasing the setback slightly on Badger Road. Mr. Jakel explained that Team Industries is looking for 70 stalls and the recommended plan would provide 90 stalls despite losing two stalls due to the setback. Ms. Watson explained that Team Industries is proposing removal of the driveway and the placement of asphalt. Mr. Reith explained that Team is moving driveways around to improve parking and flow and going from three driveways to two. Mr. Reith asked if blacktop within the setback would be an option. Mr. Jakel explained that the setback has to be greenspace. Mr. Jakel asked about landscaping plans. Mr. Reith explained that grass is proposed but he was not sure if tress were being considered. Chairman Feldt asked about any storm water pond issues. Mr. Sundelius explained that staff is working with Davel Engineering and has not had any issues so far. Ms. Watson asked about Team’s intention for the additional buildings. Mr. Reith explained that they are currently leased out to other businesses and that is expected to continue. Chairman Feldt asked about existing easements. Mr. Sundelius explained that a public utility easement is listed however it is not specific. A motion to approve the site plan contingent on compliance with all setback requirements was made by Knaus, seconded by Grissman. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  5. General Matters. Ms. Watson explained that this project was one of the first to use the newly implemented site plan review procedure and staff was complimented by the engineering firm on the procedure as a way to hash out questions in advance.

Mayor Penterman updated the Commission on the North Pole Christmas display previously approved by the Commission. Mayor Penterman explained that Mr. Campbell was having difficulty raising funds to cover the cost of the electrical infrastructure for the display. Mayor Penterman explained that one of the Council members was approached by Mr. Campbell asking about renting or purchasing the former library building for year-round display space and storage. Mayor Penterman added that Mr. Campbell was also considering the former Red Owl building on Third Street. Ms. Watson explained that the Concrete Cutters site is not financially feasible at this point. Chairman Feldt explained that Kaukauna Utilities is attempting to assist with electrical service to the display, but not in the utility hook-up.

There being no further business to be brought before the Commission, a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 a.m. was made by Schilling, seconded by Knutson. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

Julianne Schroeder

Community Development Coordinator