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City of Kaukauna

Seeking City-Wide Revaluation and Assessment Service Proposals

The 2018 City of Kaukauna Residential property assets class assessment ratio was 89.7%.   To avoid the 70.05 Non-compliance notice, the city is seeking a consultant to do a full Citywide revaluation in time for the 2021 Tax Levy (2022 Budget year).  The last full, City-wide revaluation was completed in 2009.

The City of Kaukauna is also requesting proposals from qualified assessment firms to provide annual assessment services for the City of Kaukauna for the years 2020-2022. The City is seeking a firm to serve as its statutory assessor and to provide annual maintenance work in a competent, timely, efficient, cost-effective, and customer service oriented manner.

More detail on the Request for Proposal can be found at the following link Request for Proposal – City of Kaukauna Assessment Service