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City of Kaukauna

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes – April 25, 2019

Posted on Apr 30, 2019 by

A meeting of the City of Kaukauna Plan Commission was called to order at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, 2019, by Chairman Penterman.

Members Present: Oldenburg, Penterman, Sundelius, Coenen, Feldt, Moore.

Absent and Excused: Schoenike

Also Present: Principal Planner Watson, Planning/Engineering Tech Holmes, Applicants.

  • Excuse the Absent. A motion to excuse the absent Commission member was made by Coonen, seconded by Moore. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  • Minutes. A motion to approve the minutes of the April 4, 2019, meeting was made by Moore, seconded by Oldenberg. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  • Review and recommendation on three lot Certified Survey Map for property adjoining Haen Drive and Elderberry Lane, submitted by D&D of the Fox Valley and Daniel and Margarita Avery. Ms. Watson explained this item should be tabled as the survey is incomplete. There is an easement missing and the wetland issues need to be addressed. Jim Sellof from Davel Engineering was present and explained the two items will be addressed. Motion to table the item by Oldenberg seconded by Moore. All members voted Aye.
  • Review and recommendation on request to vacate a portion of West 15th Street west of Kenneth Avenue, submitted by Phil and Cordelia Cook. Ms. Watson explained the land must be split 50/50, half going to the north and half to the south abutting owners. City staff will start the official process for vacation of this right-of-way. Mr. Moore asked if this is a common practice for disposing of excess land. Ms. Watson explained yes these type of requests are driven by the abutting owners. Mr. Sundelius said State Statutes outline the proper procedure for this type of action. Motion to recommend to the Council approval of the street vacation was made by Coonen seconded by Moore. All members voted Aye.
  • Commissioner Schoenike arrived at 4:10
  • Review and recommendation of recreational trail easements between the City of Kaukauna and the following parties:
  1. Clay Eiting
  2. Thomas and Mary Vandeyacht
  3. Round House Manor
  • Ms. Watson described the trail route and easements required for completion. Grading will need to be done and the power canal fence moved one foot. The applicants did not have any questions about the project. Informational item only.
  • Review concept plan for Blue Stem Subdivision located on property adjoining Haas Road and CTH CE, submitted by Tom Dercks. Ms. Watson explained the City will acquire Outlot 1 for conservation area and a possible wetlands bank. City staff does not have a problem with the proposed street layout. Storm water and engineering are being done for the project at this time. No action required.
  • Review and recommendation of request to rezone property addressed as 704 and 710 East Hyland Avenue from CH – Commercial Highway to RTF – Residential Two Family, submitted by Gary and Lisa Natrop.
    Ms. Watson explained the applicant wishes for the home to be zoned residential and the business to be zoned commercial for financial reasons. A new C.S.M. will be created showing the proposed zoning on the lot, while pointing out that split zoning was done recently on a different parcel in the City. Mr. Sundelius commented he is not in favor of split zoning for any reason and this practice has been used to avoid the intent of the zoning code. Mr. Schoenike noted that the issues with this property have come before the Planning Commission before and will this finally put this to rest. A motion to recommend to the Council approval of the rezoning request contingent on the New C.S.M. showing the zoning boundary and a condominium agreement for the lot was made by Moore seconded by Coonen. All members voted Aye.

There being no further business to be brought before the Commission, a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:30 p.m. was made by Sundelius, seconded by Moore. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

Jason Holmes – Planning/Engineering Tech.