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City of Kaukauna

CANCELLED – Grignon Mansion Board Meeting Agenda – January 28, 2019

Posted on Jan 27, 2019 by

The Grignon Mansion Board meeting has been cancelled due to weather.  Thank you.  

5:00 P.M.

Kaukauna Municipal Services Building

Hydro View Meeting Room, 1st Floor

  • Roll call – (Mader)
  • Welcome Others in Attendance
  • Review/Approve Minutes from October 22, 2018 Meeting
  • Nominations Opened for Election of Officers
    • Elections to be held at next Grignon Mansion Board meeting
  • Report from the City (Watson/Jakel)
    • Update on CN Railroad Crossing on Augustine Street
  • Report from Friends (DeGoey)
    • Friends Finance Report
    • Report on Christmas event
    • Other Issues
  • Report from the Chair (Brogan)
    • Meeting with Peter Peregrine, Lawrence University
    • Meeting with Curt Detjen, Community Foundation of the Fox Valley
  • Guest Presentation (Peregrine)
    • Recommendations for Grignon Mansion (Attachment emailed separately)
    • Lawrence University Archaeological Reports #11 (Attachment emailed separately)
  • Other Business
    • Memorandum of Understanding with Lawrence University for Accessing Grignon Mansion and Creating Collection Archival System
    • Location of future Grignon Mansion Board meetings and meeting frequency
  • Set Next Board Meeting Date and Location
  • Adjournment