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City of Kaukauna

Kaukauna Housing Authority Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2018

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 by

Call to Order:     Chairperson Neumeier called the meeting to order 3:00 P.M.

Present:     John Neumeier, Debbie Niesen, Paula Killian and Henry Beno

Absent:    John Moore

Excused Absent: John Moore. Motion to excuse absent member made by Debbie. Seconded by Henry. Motion passed with all ayes.

Others present: Lori Ratzburg, Executive Director

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Closed Session Minutes: John N asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion made by Debbie to approve the minutes of the April 9, 2018 meeting. Seconded by Henry. Motion passed with all ayes.

General Public Appearance: Wendy Killian. No comments, just attending meeting.

Financial Report: Financial reports were sent to the Board via email for review prior to the meeting showing detail of checks paid. Public Housing financial report has a beginning balance of $32,217.00; ending balance of $19,054.27 with outstanding checks in the amount of $196.56. Check numbers 24019 to 24038.

The Section 8 Program has a beginning balance of $12,963.55; ending balance of $12,491.95 with outstanding checks in the amount of $1,646.00. Check numbers 26404 to 26462.

John N asked for a motion to approve the Public Housing and Section 8 financial reports for payment of the bills. Motion made by Debbie to approve the financial report and the payment of the bills. Seconded by Henry. Motion passed with all ayes.

Directors Report:

Capital Funds: The Board was provided a spreadsheet for each Capital Fund grant showing the grant amount and the expenditures.

Lori reported on the following Capital Fund Grants:

CFP 2017

No draws or expenditures for the month of April 2018.

Public Housing: 67 tenants under lease for April.


Apartment 106 – vacant March 9, 2018 – leased May 1, 2018

Apartment 305 – vacant March 31, 2018 – leased May 1, 2018

Upcoming vacant units for end of April / May 2018:

Apartment 221 – vacant April 30, 2018 – leased for May 21, 2018

Apartment 311 – vacant April 30, 2018 – leased for June 1, 2018

Apartment 220 – vacant May 7, 2018 – leased for mid-June pending unit turnover completion date

Major Draws from PH in April: (other than out of Capital Funds)

City of Kaukauna paid $18,300 from WPPI grant for loan to purchase materials for solar project; Church Mutual paid $843 for worker compensation insurance (2nd payment of 4); Corporate Network Solutions paid $225 for annual subscription for sonic wall for server; JMSC Futurity paid $2,080 for completion of the audit.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program: 70 participants currently under the Section 8 HCV program. 6 vouchers are issued and outstanding. April HAP in the amount of $23,475.00 paid to landlords. Housing Assistance Payments received from HUD for April was $22,939.00. We are continuing to draw from the reserves and will monitor the program closely.

Correspondence: Received the letter from HUD requesting the recovery plan from the REAC inspection. Received a letter from HUD (accidently opened) addressed to John Neumeier; letter given to John N at the meeting.

Miscellaneous: None

Tenant Council Activity Report: Casino Events party held on April 10th. Tenants had a great time, much fun and laughter. Received requests to have the party again; we will try to organize again with the assistance of some tenants.

Closed Session: No reason for closed session.

Return to Open Session: No reason for closed session.

Old Business:

Completion of emergency sewer line repair and expenses – Lori provided the Board with the total expense report for the emergency sewer line repair in the amount of $65,446.01, showing the amounts paid to all contractors.

Solar production and payment to the City of Kaukauna – Lori provided the report on the production of the solar and a copy of the electric bill to show the running credit. Lori also provided a check to John N for the City of Kaukauna for payment on the loan for the materials for the solar project.

New Business:

Health insurance renewal – Lori provided information to the Board on the current health insurance renewal and a comparable group health insurance quote. John N asked if Lori had researched the possibility of combining with other small housing authorities into a larger group plan. The company that proposed to combine small housing authorities through WAHA is located in Illinois. According to the information received the plan did not look like it would be feasible for us; many housing authorities are large and already in the State of WI health insurance plan. The Board requested Lori research other options for the insurance due to the consistent increase in the cost of health insurance costs.

HUD REAC recovery plan – Lori provided the recovery plan and the REAC report to the Board. Lori explained to the Board that the biggest hits were site, building exterior, building systems. Lori stated she ordered 3 new UPCS inspection guidebooks showing the most important REAC hits and points deducted for each infraction. Lori stated she will be more vigilant in walking the building and grounds like a REAC inspector and be very critical of items that need to be repaired. John N stated it is always good to have a second pair of eyes looking at things. John N will provide a letter and Lori will send the letter along with the recovery plan and supporting documentation to Beverly Carter at HUD.

Proposal for possible new telephone system – Lori provided information to the Board on 2 options for a new telephone system. One quote is to purchase the phones and update the service, the other proposal is to lease the phones and have the new service included in the cost. The Board reviewed the information and decided to put the new telephone system on hold until all the REAC items are complete.

Announcement and Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made by Debbie. Seconded by Henry. Motion passed with all ayes. Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM.

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