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Kaukauna’s Electric City Christmas Parade Awards

Posted on Dec 7, 2017 by

Thank you to everyone that had a part in making this year’s Electric City Christmas Parade a success!  This year’s parade was our 29th annual. It was the Recreation Department’s great pleasure to once again facilitate the event that was started by the JayCees all those years ago.  But we could not do it without a tremendous amount of participation from other City Departments, volunteers, parade participants and spectators!

We thank all of the volunteer ushers/marshals that assist everyone lining up in their designated spots, and those that prepare and give out hot chocolate in the Community Room afterward.  Thank you!

We thank our Streets and Parks Department for all of the hard work they put in decorating our City streets and parks and for preparing the parade route with signs, barricades, cones, etc.  Also, for marshaling parade entries of the route and providing waste receptacles for floats to be torn down in the yard.  We thank you for providing the Mayor and other elected officials with a decorated float to ride on during the parade and showcasing one of the City’s large equipment vehicles as an entry.  Thank you!

We thank our Police and Fire Departments for not only participating in the parade with vehicles, firefighters and officers, but ensuring we have a safe route for the parade and an efficient way to reroute traffic around the area.  Thank you for providing a ride for our VIP guests, Santa Claus and our Parade Theme Contest Winner and her family!  Thank you!

We thank our Mayor, his Administrative Assistant, and the other elected officials for participating in the parade and throwing tons of candy out for the kids.  Thank you!

We thank all of the local businesses, service groups, veterans groups, clubs, churches, government agencies, area fire departments, schools and youth groups for your participation in the parade.  It wouldn’t be much of a parade without your spirit, creativity and hard work!  Thank you!

Special thanks to the dancers and marching band of Kaukauna High School and Mr. Stangel!  Your performance is always my favorite part of the parade, and your new uniforms looked fantastic!  Thank you!

We thank Santa Clause for taking time out from his busy toy making schedule to spend the evening with us here in Kaukauna!  Thank you!

We thank our Parade Theme Contest winner, Denali Isaacs!  “Run, Run, Rudolph” was certainly a fun theme.  Thank you!

Special thanks to everyone that comes out to see the parade and share in the Holiday season.  Without you there would be no parade!  It was cold out there this year, so special thanks to you for braving the weather and bringing your enthusiasm!  It warmed us all.  Thank you!

I hope I haven’t forgotten to mention anyone, but if I have please forgive me and know that I do appreciate what you do to make this a great event!  Thank you!

Every year we enlist the help of a panel of Super Secret Judges to choose the top three entries from the parade.  This year’s winners are:  1.  Wisconsin Wheels of Hope, 2.  Kaukauna Clinic and 3.  KATODA.  Each winner is presented with a trophy to commemorate their top finish.  Congratulations to each group!

Please enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!  I hope to see you next year!

Merry Christmas!

Electric City Parade Awards

Electric City Parade Awards