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City of Kaukauna

Plan Commission Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2017

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 by

A meeting of the City of Kaukauna Plan Commission was called to order at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 6, 2017, by Chairman Rosin.

Members Present: Feldt, McGinnis, Oldenburg, Rosin, Schoenike, Sundelius.

Also Present: Planning Director Jakel, Project Engineer Neumeier, Planning/Engineering Technician Holmes, Jim Sehloff of Davel Engineering, Media.

Absent and Excused: Penterman, VanderSanden.

  1. Excuse the Absent. A motion to excuse the absent Commission members was made by Feldt, seconded by McGinnis. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  2. Minutes. A motion to approve the minutes of the March 23, 2017, meeting was made by McGinnis, seconded by Feldt. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  3. Review of Preliminary Plat for Hurkman Heights. Mr. Jakel explained modifications to the plat were due to the small wetland area that needs to be avoided – part of the road would be eliminated and the Kwik Trip property split by the wetland would need to be addressed. Property to the east of Hurkman Heights would be connected although the developer was not in favor of the option as it adds right-of-way and a corner lot. The Town of Vandenbroek would vacate the unimproved right-of-way on Ducharme Street and the City would acquire it. Mr. Jakel noted that Lots 68, 69, and 70 have significant frontage and asked if they may be reconfigured. Mr. Sehloff explained that there are plans for a pond in that area. Mr. Sundelius asked if the layout was revised with consideration to the Kwik Trip property. Mr. Jakel explained that it would need to be a cul-de-sac although it may not be used for some time. Mr. Sundelius asked if Kwik Trip wanted the option. Mr. Jakel explained that they did. Mr. Sundelius explained that sanitary sewer to serve the plat comes from Highway 41 and 55. Mr. Neumeier explained that approval is on hold due to the transfer of property. Kwik Trip has reviewed the plat and are not against the easements, however they do want access – which can be accomplished based on previous discussions. Mr. Jakel explained that access between Kwik Trip and proposed backyards should be eliminated and the acquisition and vacation of I41 right of way would be required. Mr. Neumeier asked about the property behind Lots 61 through 68. Mr. Sehloff explained that it is owned by the developer and is still in the Town. A motion to approve the preliminary plat and direct Davel Engineering and the developer to proceed with the final plat was made by Sundelius, seconded by Schoenike. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
  4. Disposition of CTH “ZZ” Right of Way to Outagamie County. Mr. Jakel explained the Town of Buchanan is rebuilding CTH “ZZ” from Wrightstown south to the City limits near the landfill including widening the street, constructing an asphalt shoulder, and improving bicycle and trail access. Some property acquisition will be required near the Rapide Croche property. Mr. Feldt explained that the Utility is still waiting on information including an offer to purchase and an appraisal. Mr. Jakel agreed that no action could be taken until this information is received and reviewed.
  5. Request for Professional Services for the Reconstruction of STH 96 (Green Bay Road). Mr. Jakel explained that the State of Wisconsin is reconstructing STH 96 from Lawe Street northeast to the corporate limits. The WDOT contract requires the City to acquire right-of-way property on 45 parcels and then be reimbursed by the State. A motion to recommend to the Council approving the request for proposals for professional services for the right-of-way acquisition for the reconstruction of STH 96 (Green Bay Road) from Lawe Street northeast to the corporate limits was made by McGinnis, seconded by Schoenike. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

There being no further business to be brought before the Commission, a motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:25 p.m. was made by Feldt, seconded by Sundelius. All members voted aye. Motion carried.

Julianne Schroeder, Executive Secretary

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